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Blast From the Past

Updated: Jan 3

I found an old CD from 11 years ago filled with gorgeous pictures of a home I had spent the better part of a year working on with two amazing clients. They called just after they had just started their build, early enough to make changes to the architectural style and make all the decisions on finish and lighting and decor. What a fantastic project! And all encompassing.

What amazes me is that changes in the design world haven't hit this project very hard. Every design decision had the clients taste at the top of mind, so this home was a reflection of what they loved. So, while my personal tastes are for light, bright, airy and contemporary, their home, like their tastes, is traditional, rich, sophisticated and infused with Indian Culture and colours with a focus on family. It really doesn't matter what design trends come and go, this home will stand the test of time for these home owners because it is a reflection of them.

Of course styles change over time, but it feels like there is also a marked change on how we view our designers. The process now is closer to creating the designers individual style in a clients home, with the perception that their style is 'right'. And while that is lovely, and really nice to be able to chose a designer you love based on the consistency of the style of their past projects, I would love to suggest that the client's style is already 'right' and it's the designers job to take it to the next level. Make their clients choices design savvy. Make their treasure trove of memories beautiful. Guide their tastes to the sensational. This will make every project different in style, but perfect for each client.

Here is a little taste of design from 11 years ago! All greys and blacks and rich dark cabinetry. Two story wall paneling and window treatments and gorgeous ceilings and chandeliers.


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